What can Spartan Sportswear do for you


Many amateur clubs in recreational sports struggle with the same thing: they are in urgent need of new uniforms, have difficulty balancing the budget and lack overview & convenience when ordering the club collection. The concept of Spartan Sportswear is then a huge solution! In addition to high discounts on purchasing, team clothing, balls, and accessories, we offer clubs a sponsorship contribution in cash.

Clubs, members, and sponsors of the association order quickly and easily via a personalized web shop. Of all these purchases, the club receives at least 20% in cash back. The total cash amount is paid out 6x per year and can be spent entirely at its discretion by the association or club. Through a clear and transparent overview, the responsible person within your association or club can see exactly what the amount is that the club has received! For example, there is finally a budget for youth education, that postponed and much-needed maintenance, event and/or energy bill. We take care of the entire process and that means unburdening!


Spartan Sportswear teamwear is all about high quality, a powerful design and a perfect price-quality ratio. Team clothing is available in almost every imaginable color and model, so that almost every club from the extensive collection can have a uniform in the club colors put together. Yes, you heard right! Let’s put it together because we at Spartan Sportswear take all the worries off your hands. Total unburdening in the entire process is one of our most important pillars. Characteristic of all designs is the striking Spartan Helmet, our hallmark of quality, strength, and character. The advantage for every club is that every team line is available for at least four years, which guarantees teams can play in the same clothing for many years.


Many teams preceded you with purchasing the perfect and personalized Spartan Sportswear team outfits. We are represented in various amateur competitions and divisions in the Netherlands.



As a member of a sports club, it is nice if you can do something for your beloved club without too much effort. In addition, it is of course nice for yourself to always have a stock of high-quality sportswear in which you can perform optimally. Therefore, as a member of your association, get to know our unique concept, from which both you and the club benefit. Here’s how it works: you receive a discount on all your purchases in the Member Shop and your club benefits by receiving a cash back from every purchase. That’s a win-win!



As a club you only want a few things: uniform team outfits, a sponsorship contribution in cash and a nice discount on sports equipment. We’ve got you covered with our sporty concept. Discover how we can optimally sponsor your club and become part of the most successful unique sponsor concept in the Netherlands.



We haven’t forgotten about sponsors either: they buy all their items with a 15% discount in the specially set up and personalized web shop for you as a club. In this way, sponsors order the (training) items for staff or events easily and quickly. Plus: the club will receive 10% cash back on all orders. In short: even more cash for the club!

  • Almost everything available from stock
  • Choice of different brands
  • Sustainable choices



Curious? Get acquainted with the world of teamwear and be surprised by the personal approach and many options. Besides that, we like to tell you about our unique club concept, we present the latest collections, and we like to think along about how we can unburden your club even further and how we can create new money flows for you. You are most welcome, so schedule an appointment right away.